CHRIS SIDES is a UK-based writer/creator of comics, among other things.

Chris started writing about 7 years ago, partly as he found his career in teaching off-putting. He now writes in the hope that he can continue putting-off going back to a career in teaching.

He is the writer of the self-published DARK MATTER anthologies and supernatural one-shot WHISPERING SANDS, sci-fi graphic novel IMPOSSIBLE for Markosia Enterprises and ongoing serialised crime thriller CLOSE for Comichaus, as well as a spattering of short stories for such titles as FutureQuake100% BiodegradableSliced QuarterlyMarkosia’s BRITISH SHOWCASE ANTHOLOGY 1 & 2, Dude, What? Comics’ UNLAWFUL GOOD and Alterna Comics2017 IF anthology.

He is currently the spinner of many plates, with the forthcoming sci-fi action thriller THE GUNRUNNER launching in 2018 from Markosia Enterprises, as well as INTERSECTION, a one-shot crime thriller with artist Chris Travell. He also has a handful of pitches up his sleeve for 2018, working with some tremendously talented artists such as Adam Jakes and Daniel Franco



Gary Watson from Comics Anonymous talks to Chris about WHISPERING SANDS:

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Chris and Jon 'Level 8 Comics' Laight were invited onto episode 16 of The Story Studio podcast to chat with awesome dudes Luke Kondor and Dan Willcocks from Hawk and Cleaver - a great time was had by all!

Back in February 2017, Chris, Jon Laight and Jay Martin were invited by the Stuart Mulrain, the organiser of the highly recommended True Believers Comic Festival, to do a panel called Discover Something New - here's the audio from said panel. Chaired by Olly MacNamee, who did a great job of keeping us all on track!

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As part of the creator feature section on the Comics Anonymous blog, Chris chatted to Gary Watson about his work, his influences and what he's got incoming.

Chris chatted to Alex Thomas from Pipedream Comics prior to the launch of IMPOSSIBLE at London Super Comic Con 2017 about the book, the inspirations behind it and why comic cons are so important...

Chris spoke to Bex from Trista Bytes at LSCC 2017 about DARK MATTER II and the launch of IMPOSSIBLE (interview starts at the 6:30 mark) --