I’ve had my head stuck firmly up my arse (figuratively, not literally, because that wouldn’t be pleasant) for the last 3/4 weeks, prepping all the DARK MATTER II stuff - subsequently I’ve let a lot of other things fall by the wayside. There’s been a couple of books released this last week while said head has been stuck up said arse, hence another Sidesy ramble:

Travvy and I went up to Thought Bubble yesterday for a bit of a jolly and it was great to wander around the convention floor catching up with folks and seeing what everyone’s up to. There were some GREAT looking books and art on sale and, I’ve said this before, it’s so cool to see British independent comics alive and kicking and to be a part of that is really quite a privilege.


(Thought Bubble haul courtesy of Comichaus, Markosia, Improper Books and Madius Comics.)

Talking of British comics, I picked up my comp copies of the newly released BRITISH SHOWCASE vol. 2 from editor Adam Cheal at the show (in what might have been misconstrued as a really dodgy drug deal in the NCP car park) and they look amazing. These’ll be on sale with Jay at Stockport Comic Con on Saturday 13th and with all of us at the DM II launch at Birmingham MCM on the 19th.


Got to mention the mighty Kier Gill, artist on SECRET IDENTITY for that book - we met up in a bar after the show and he totally floored me by giving me my favourite page from the story. Utter legend - this beast is getting framed and put on the wall. Massive thanks to that man. Check out his work at


More book release news  - the beginning of last week saw the release of Alterna Comics’ IF anthology, a book of super-powered tales in which is AVIAN, a ‘does he/doesn’t he have powers’ tale with art by Jim Lavery and letters by Ken Reynolds. Both those guys did an amazing job and the book looks ace. You can buy it on Amazon, via your local comic book shop or limited copies via me at a convention.


In more DARK MATTER II news, the proof copies of the art prints arrived from the printers on Thursday and they look outstanding. Big thanks to Steve Madgin at Print Fine in Liverpool for these. Should be a big box of 1200 making their way to Casa Sidesy this week.


On a related note, DM II goes to print this week, woot woot!

Right, I’m off to stick my head back up my arse. Ciao for now.