If anybody out there read the DARK MATTER anthologies (hopefully somebody? Maybe? Hello?) then you might know that there’s no thread running through them, they’re all stand alone stories. Well...


(Sort of.)

IMPOSSIBLE, launching at London Super Comic Con on August 25th, is the first ‘official’ story set in a fictional future history of the world that’s been marinading at the back of my brain for a considerable amount of time. There are currently two in development with Markosia (IMPOSSIBLE and another graphic novel), plus a 3 issue mini-series that’s written and needs a re-draft. There are a further three in the early stages of development that will hopefully see the light of day at some stage. There’s also a bunch of other ideas for this that I’m noodling.

Each of the stories are standalone, so you don’t need any knowledge of any of the other books to make sense of what you’re reading. Occasionally, though, they link overtly, sometimes relatively subtly (to the point where, they’ll link with stuff that’s not been released/that’s in development), but they’re all linked in some way.

This is obviously not a new thing and it's been done so many times before, but I’m a huge fan of ‘shit that links’ (see the recent SPLIT, that was SO cool) and when developing IMPOSSIBLE and some of the other books, there was, bizarrely, a natural link to some of my older work in DARK MATTER that fit. I started making connections and one day, it all just clicked.

If you go to you’ll find a little bit of info and a list of stories from DARK MATTERs 1 and 2 that are part of this shared universe. There’s also a new Facebook page for this:

that I’ll be filling with news and updates about the stories and books set in the Frostbyte world.

I had a massive overhaul of the site, too, so there’s a new layout, a few new pages and some more info on IMPOSSIBLE that I’ll be adding to as we go.

Talking of which, I’m very excited to say that IMPOSSIBLE is pretty much finished. Art chemists Jake Rowlinson and Dan Franco have finished their respective alchemy and produced a really stunning-looking book that we're all ridiculously proud of. Jake’s put the finishing touches to the lettering and I need to do a final copy edit and sort all the extras out and then we’re done.

More art magic dropped recently in the form of a pinup from Reckless Hero’s resident scribbler Chris Imber and he produced a stunner for us - check it out:


Dan also put together a little collection of snippets from the book that gives you an idea of what's to come without giving anything away:


More info soon.