October 25th - November 26th 2018


Written by Chris Sides

Art by Adam Jakes

Coloured by Aljosa Tomic

Edited / lettered / designed by Ken Reynolds

Eric Jacobs is a damaged man.

With his body in a coma, he unwittingly ekes out an existence in an inescapable dream-state where he’s hunted by wave after wave of monstrous creatures. But with a cryptic message from ‘the outside’, Eric’s time is starting to run out...

HERE & THERE is a full-colour 52 page one-shot comic that deals with a personal journey of coming to terms with crippling guilt and how that can manifest in horrific ways. It also deals with the themes of loss, responsibility, forgiveness and monsters ripping your eyeballs out.

READ A 6 PAGE PREVIEW ON DOWN THE TUBES by John Freeman (DTT, Titan Comics)

'The art by Adam Jakes and the colours by Aljosa Tomic are easily worthy of an Image book' - Tony Esmond (THE AWESOME COMICS PODCAST)

'It's not for the faint of heart...' - Clare Hemsworth (FANDEMONIUM NETWORK)


DIGITAL -  ranging from a £2 no-frills package to £5 one-shot bundles to £10 back catalogue bundles, including a 3 month subscription to the Comichaus app.

PRINT -  printed copies from £8, an art print package for £12, a mixed print and digital package for £20 AND a print back catalogue package for £35.

ART REWARDS -  HERE & THERE artist Adam Jakes has 10 commission slots open for £55 AND the original cover artwork is available for £250. Once it’s gone, it’s gone...