Artwork by Freja Steele / Letters & design by Chris Travell

Northern Phuket, Thailand. Local fisherman Chen enjoys a rare ocean excursion with his estranged young son, Kai, off the coastline of a popular holiday resort. As Kai excitedly makes the first catch of the day, the shoreline suddenly recedes, leaving Chen’s boat stranded. Chen knows this is bad news – gathering Kai, he makes to run, but something in the sand catches his eye. Something he can’t ignore. Something with a message… 

A one-shot inspired by the large number of bizarre supernatural occurrences that took place after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand, WHISPERING SANDS is a story of disaster and hope when all is seemingly lost.

Includes a 10-page bonus story, IN THE FOREST OF SCORCHED TREES, created especially for this release.


‘...illustrates how the starkness of reality can haunt us in worse ways than horror tropes can.’ – Tony Esmond, Down The Tubes.

'Chris Sides...skilfully develops a nightmare that is both supernatural and psychological.' - Kirsty Hunter, Big Comic Page.

4/5 - ‘...touched something inside me as I read it. I definitely look forward to more works from the creative team!’ - Jodi Scaife, Fanboy Comics.

7/10 - '...a win-win across the board from the creative team.'

-Gary Watson, Comics Anonymous

'It’s an intriguing take on an emotionally powerful subject matter and one that manages to avoid slipping into mawkish sentimentality or inappropriate sensationalism thanks to a smartly written script from (Chris) Sides.'

-Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

3/5 - '...a wonderful short story.'

-Dustin Cabeal, Comics Bastards